Monday, January 30, 2006
"Biology" isn't fairing too badly on a couple of TV countdowns at the moment.

So far, over on Club [V] and Channel [V], the song has found itself in their text vote charts.

* MusixMax Countdown - "Biology" #9 on their request chart...

* Club [V] - "Biology" #11 on the Nightly Txt-27 Countdown...
* Channel [V] - "Biology" #48 on the Top 50 Most Requested Clips...

This is quite good, and proves that you're all either doing a brilliant job, or people that have never heard of the Girls are in love with the track. We're hoping it's a combination of both...

To vote for "Biology" in the Club [V] Txt-27, SMS the vote to 1 99 88 637. To request "Biology" on Channel [V] (and adding to its total request tally for a chart position), SMS your request to 1999 69 69. You can also phone Channel [V] on 1902 220 330, and vote through their website.

MusicMax TV requests can be made through their website also.

We'd urge you all to vote for the song on your fave radio station. Today alone, Nova100 in Melbourne and Nova919 in Adelaide have BOTH played "Biology" due to phone or SMS requests. Visit our comprehensive list of Radio & TV phone numbers & websites which you can use as a guide as to where to call/visit to make your request for "Biology".

xx Adem.
Sunday, January 29, 2006
As we said t'other day GIRLS ALOUD are COMING TO OZ! OMGLOLLOLOL!!111!!ONE!! - I can't believe we are actually having proper popstars in our country again - however, the importance of this event can't be overstressed - hopefully, the girls are here TO WORK and will do some amazing things.

However, Claire and I have prepared a short media guide for hopefully the bank of newspaper and radio people who attend - read the rules, and follow them meedja people! We posted this before on our own Liz, but really, it's a good guide, and no one reads our Liz, and since this is the resource point, it's time for a refresher course!

"Thankyou for attending todays media gathering/event/koala hugging photo opportunity involving the British Girl Band Girls Aloud - please find attached a specially prepared media guide for the event

#1. Contrary to the impression you may have got from the enclosed photos, the bands leader is actually Nicola. I realise that in some photos, all you can see is a wisp of hair, but this is just a ploy and an example of her selflessness. In fact, it is band policy that all initial questions be directed at Nicola, who you will find an expansive and intriguing individual with a lot to say. Ask her anything, from her views on the history of Jewish Repatriation, to the chances of Liverpool retaining the Champions League, and she will astound you with her wit - you should phrase your questions to her along the lines of "Nicola, as band leader..."

#2 - Please also follow this policy of referring to Nicola as the band leader and asking her all first questions also when considering who gets to hold the koala, who gets to be held in the air by 5 lifesavers, who gets to kick the footy etc.

#3 - Now THAT is out of the way, here are the remaining rules - firstly, in accordance with the Darryl Somers Law, you can ask once (AND ONLY once) "How do you like Australia" - in some markets, you can adapt this to "How do you like (insert place here)", but spend it wisely.

#4 - Girls Aloud are a Seminal, important Pop band - please, if you are attending this event, please have sent your best man/woman, if you have sent the "humorous" breakfast jokers who will giggle like Beavis and Butthead, and say "Hey, you aren't the Spice Girls!" or "Tweedy Pie" "Or what is it you have to do to see the Show, buy a showbag, fnuh, fnuh", your accreditation will be removed - Nova, if you've sent Dave O'Neill, you will be banned from all future events.

#5 - Importantly, Girls Aloud are NOT "Britains answer to anyone" - they are not Britains answer to the Pussycat Dolls (Wilkins, I'm looking at YOU!) or Bardot or anyone - they are Girls Aloud, any other explanation is bogus, and will make you look stupid.

#6 - Odd as it may seem to some of your journalists, actually seeing proper pop stars in glamorous outfits shouldn't scare you - it's just that some countries still do make Pop stars. I realise it's a mad, crazy idea here in Australia, just a pipe dream really, but one day, if we club together, our "pop" industry might not be a complete embarrassment - in fact, you might like to ask one of them (I don't know - Nicola maybe?) how we might get better at Pop?

#7 - It's important to realise that Jump, their only Australian hit, is their worst song, so don't bring it up, K? In fact, why not suggest some much better cover versions for them to do (like Ricochets, or Take It From Me?) - bringing up Jump will again make you look a twat, especially if you ask what it was like working with Hugh Grant.

#8 - Yes, Girls Aloud did come from a reality TV show - do NOT use this as an excuse to drag out our horrendous collection of god awful reality TV show winners and contestants - Girls Aloud are far too important and wonderful to be dragged next to Lee "Hardcore" Harding - again,

#9 - As far as the individual members go (ONLY when you have finished questioning Nicola) - don't ask Cheryl anything about thumping that bird, or her engagement, or anything too controversial really - it's not a record company thing, it's for your own safety, so you don't get a mardy slap. Don't bring up that whole thing about Nadine lying about her age on Irish Popstars, Sarahs drinking problem, or ask if Kimberley Walsh is related to Mike Walsh ("Dave O'Neill? Get OUT NOW!") - Tweedy is DYING to give someone a big mardy slap, so don't let it be you! Treat them with the utmost respect, ask proper questions, and we'll all get along fine!

#10 - But really don't bring up Jump

See - easy!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006
From Thursday the 19th's (ie: Today) "Hitlist: 9 things we love this week" in the Herald Sun, Girls Aloud's visit to OZ is sitting pretty at number 2.

We're guessing Cameron Adams had something to do with this.


(Make sure you vote and request Biology at your local radio station/fave music tv show/etc - Nova100 in Melbourne played it yesterday afternoon. HURRAH!!)
Saturday, January 14, 2006
It seems that all this news of the Girls coming to Australia is just too much for everyone.

Even have gotten into the spirit of things, claiming that:

"Hallelujah! The girls return to the Australian airwaves with one of the best pop tracks of some time....with a chorus that doesn't quit, try and resist this! From the girls' 3rd album 'Chemisty'.

And to boot, we've been informed that Mr Richard "Dick" Wilkins may have mentioned something about the Girls coming to Oz on Friday's TODAY show. This is all great news, but if we want the girls to have their first proper hit in this country, we need to start requesting the song on radio and television. Click here to read the media listing to obtain numbers and website URL's for your local radio station. We would also appreciate it if you emailed us any that you think are missing, as mid next week, we will be updating the list with numbers to a few community radio stations, such as Joy FM in Melbourne - who have been known to support the likes of Girls Aloud and Rachel Stevens in the past.

Also, closer to the release date for Biology, we'll be adding a list of ARIA Chart approved music stores - these are the stores who's sales are counted in the ARIA charts. ALL SANITY STORES DO NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THE CHART, however their websites sales do.

Speaking of which, you can pre-order Biology on the website here.

And you'll all be pleased to know that the single gets its release in Oz on February the 20th.

1. Biology
2. Nobody But You
3. Biology (Tony Lemezma Remix)
4. Biology (Video)
5. Biology (Karaoke Video)


Thursday, January 12, 2006
It seems that the upcoming Girls Aloud promotional visit to Australia will, indeed, be chock full of work and not much else, which we hear has upset Sarah because she often enjoys taking her time when crimping her hair. Sarah (did not) claim/ed to us that most stylists can never get it right as they always have, and we quote: "The crimpers running in the wrong direction".

But the rumour mill has already begun, over on Popjustice's forums, user Popstar80 says:

"I spoke to my rep at Universal yesterday and she told me they are quite a big priority for 2006, and that the album will be getting an Australian release.

Then, an email from someone who claims to know "quite a bit on the Girls Aloud Australian assault", claimed that:

"The girls will be working very hard on this promotional tour in Australia. It's not only a major priority for Universal in Oz but also for the girls and their management. One of the guys who works with them says they cannot wait, and Cheryl's extremely keen on visiting Bondi.

As long as Nicola gets the lifeguards and koala's for the photo shoots, Cheryl can visit Bondi as often as she likes.

-Adem IAR.
Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Nicola Roberts and gal pals are coming to town...

Get the koalas down from the them the joys of Tim Tams...pick a football team to give them a jumper...assemble five hunky lifeguards (well it's usually 3 hunky lifeguards and some merely average ones) to hold them horizontally in their Cameron Adams...

Because, frankly, IT ON...

And if you don't know IT god we're here to tell you...

As we reported for you all yesterday over on, Girls Aloud are making their way down under here to Australia to promote the pants off their new Oz & NZ single "Biology", which was serviced to all radio this week.

Most of our readers will know - and appreciate - just how brilliant and exciting this news is. And to make it all the more amazing, they're releasing arguably their best single to date in the early stages of February.

As of today, we're starting the Australian Biology-watch. We'll keep you updated on what stations are playing the song, whether TV have embraced them, and hopefully, what the girls promotional schedule will be whilst they're visiting us down under.

NOW... There's a way you (yes, YOU!) can help make "Biology" quite the hit single.

"But the single isn't out yet, how on earth am I going to do that?" we hear you cry.

Easy. You just need to exercise your right as an Australian to request/vote for new music on your local/more desired radio station. Below is a list of stations and such that you can call/text/etc to vote and/or request Biology right now... More stations will be added over the next week...

Hot 30 Countdown (SMS 1999 30 30 or Call 1800 15 11 00)
Hot Hits with Kyle and Jackie 'O

B105 (SMS 199 22 105)
Nova 1069 (SMS 1998 1069)

Fox FM (SMS 1999 1019)
Nova 100 (SMS 199 99 100)
Joy FM (SMS 0427 JOY 949)
MIX 101.1 FM (Call (03) 9414 1011)

Nova 969 (SMS 199 11 969 or Call 133 969)
2 Day FM (Call 13 10 60)
96.1 THE Edge (Call (02) 961 11 961)
NX FM (SMS 1992 1069)

SAFM (SMS 0421 26 1071)
Nova 919 (SMS 19 919 919 or 0400 919 919)
Fresh FM Adelaide (Call (08) 8224 0844)

929 (SMS 199 29 929)
MIX Perth (Call 13 33 53)
NOVA 937 (Call (08) 9489 1937)

FM 104.7

Hot 100FM

MIX Hobart

Sea FM
Power FM
Eagle FM (SMS 0408 632 596)

You can also request the video clip on either Channel [V], MTV and/or Video Hits.

Request Online
Request via SMS: 1999 69 69
Request by telephone: 1902 220 330

Request Online

Email Axle and tell him you want to see Girls Aloud on VH...

It's as simple as that. We really want the Girls to do well in Australia, especially since we've been tooting off about how they've never been all that well received here purely because they hadn't come down to promote.

Well now they ARE coming down to promote, so there's no excuses after this if they fail.


Good luck girls...

-Adem IAR.



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