Thursday, January 12, 2006
It seems that the upcoming Girls Aloud promotional visit to Australia will, indeed, be chock full of work and not much else, which we hear has upset Sarah because she often enjoys taking her time when crimping her hair. Sarah (did not) claim/ed to us that most stylists can never get it right as they always have, and we quote: "The crimpers running in the wrong direction".

But the rumour mill has already begun, over on Popjustice's forums, user Popstar80 says:

"I spoke to my rep at Universal yesterday and she told me they are quite a big priority for 2006, and that the album will be getting an Australian release.

Then, an email from someone who claims to know "quite a bit on the Girls Aloud Australian assault", claimed that:

"The girls will be working very hard on this promotional tour in Australia. It's not only a major priority for Universal in Oz but also for the girls and their management. One of the guys who works with them says they cannot wait, and Cheryl's extremely keen on visiting Bondi.

As long as Nicola gets the lifeguards and koala's for the photo shoots, Cheryl can visit Bondi as often as she likes.

-Adem IAR.





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