Monday, March 06, 2006
So... here's the email that's been shipped off today to Universal Music Australia and Polydor UK.

-----Original Message-----
From: Adem Ali
Sent: Thursday, 7 March 2006 10:30 AM
To: Universal Music Australia, Polydor UK
Subject: Girls Aloud's Australian Visit

To Whom It May Concern;

Hello. My name is Adem Ali. I'm a pop music journalist and radio announcer in Geelong, Victoria, over in Australia, and I'm emailing you to discuss the disappointment felt by fans over Girls Aloud's recent Australian Promotional trip. I am sending this email to both Polydor UK and also to the Offices at Universal Music Australia.

I run the only Australian based Girls Aloud website on the web ( - so during their promotional visit - and the weeks leading up to it - I had received quite a few emails from fans requesting details of the girls' stay. Where would they be appearing, what radio stations would they be interviewed on, etc.

Doing three TV shows and some radio over a five day course has obviously not done them many favours. "Biology" debuted at a poor #26 (I don't have to tell you that it doesn't take many sales these days in Australia to get into the top 10, so scoring a number #26 does not reflect well at all), and this week has dropped to number #30. A lot of the fans - including myself - are hoping for a Sugababes infused miracle. "Push The Button" debuted low, went lower in its second week, and slowly began to rise from the bottom end of the chart to eventually achieve a number #3 position. But those fans are also cautious and well aware this is probably not going to happen.

It's extremely sad that Australia, a country who's current Number #1 album is a prime example of why music should probably be outlawed when in the hands of the careless, cannot see the sheer brilliance that is "Biology".

But how are they meant to know of it if they haven't even HEARD it?

The Australian schedule was, as mentioned, less than impressive. Three television shows - two of which the average YOUNG pop music fan in Australia is NOT going to watch (two morning shows - most kids are either on their way to school, actually already at school or watching cartoons or on their way to university - unaware of whatever it is that's going on over on the morning shows). Although I definitely commend the Girls' appearance on Channel [V], there are a handful of shows the girls SHOULD have been on whilst down under.

Music Channels: The girls covered Channel [V], but we also have an MTV and a Music Max, which the girls should have appeared on. As for music shows, Video Hits on Free-to-air Channel 10 should have at least had them guest hosting with that idiot Axle Whitehead.

Morning Shows: The girls covered Sunrise and 9AM, but there were also other highly top rating shows such as Today, and Mornings with Kerri-Ann, who I can assure you would have given the girls their most fun Australian Performance (she's quite the character that Kerri-Ann).

Radio: As far as I was aware, the only Melbourne radio interview was on Gay & Lesbian Radio Station Joy FM. Did ANY of the commercial networks or even any of the regional community radio stations show any interest in an offer? I work in radio and I did not receive an interview request and my show is pop music orientated. My show - and the community station it plays on - is probably the only show & station in the country who has been playing Girls Aloud on a daily basis for the last year, but there you go.

Other TV Shows: The girls SHOULD have done Rove Live. It would have been the perfect platform for them, the single and album. Dancing with the stars would have been nice also, 2 Million viewers is always a good launching pad - look what it did this week album and singles wise for Westlife.

Meeting the fans: Where were the instore appearances?? There should have at least been 2 of them - one in Sydney and one in Melbourne. It was a perfect opportunity to generate some new fans, and instore's - in the past - tend to do this. Again, look at Westlife's number #1 album this week after doing a few instores.

Can you understand why so many Australian fans are slightly annoyed? Some may argue that "Biology" was not the right song to go with as a first "proper" Australian single (I am well aware the Girls have had semi-hits here before but this was the first proper crack with them bothering to come down for promotion), and they could be right. "The Show" may have been a better option to go with, followed by "Biology" and "Whole Lotta History". If the rumours of either a "See The Day" or "I'll Stand By You" release are true, alienate them now, not only will neither of these songs do well, I can guarantee that the very loyal Australian fan base will be angry, judging by the 40 odd emails I've gotten through my website from them complaining at the news "I'll Stand By You" may be a single.

Over in the UK, The Girls recently - right after they returned from their Australian visit - told Top Of The Pops Online that, and I quote from Sarah, "
We're planning a tour of Australia and New Zealand for next year. We intend to be together for quite a while." So if this is going to happen - and by god we, the fans, want to see them back here next year to do this tour - some better promotion needs to get underway for the singles and album. The girls were recording a 6 part documentary to be screened in the UK whilst they were down Under. This documentary could be perfect promotion for the girls if it were offered to a free to air network here in Australia, following the launch of a second single, which should really be "The Show" or "Whole Lotta History".

The girls have a strong fan base here, and the news of the promotional tour caused so much excitement, so you cannot really blame any of us when we complain that it's been a bit of a let down to see how it all unravelled.

Also, the club mix of "Biology" found on the CD single, although it's really quite brilliant, is not being played in clubs across the country. I've spoken to a few high profile DJs about this and it's simply come down to there not being any good house or electro remixes of the track. It's just too fast for Australian clubs. Why not get Aussie remixers on board for the next single (seeing as it is obviously a lost cause and too late for "Biology"), such as Goodwill, TV Rock (who currently have the Number #1 single in Australia), James Ash from The Rogue Traders or even John Course. Something to think about - I can bet my life that if there had been an Australian produced House remix of "Biology" it would be in the top 10 by now.

I look forward to your reply on the matter.

Adem Ali.

Wonder if we'll get a half decent reply or just some crock of absolute cow-udders proclaiming that there wasn't much else they could do. We'll keep you posted...

xxx IAR.
...we'll be contacting Universal Music Australia and Universal Music in the UK.

This means of contact will be to discuss the absolute shamozel that was the girls' Australian promotional tour.

All of your comments and emails offering amazing ideas for the girls have been noted and a couple of them will be included during the event today.

We'll let you know when it's all complete and shall post the letter online for you.

xx IAR.
Sunday, March 05, 2006

Unacceptable Australia. Unacceptable.





How did this happen? We are actually really quite depressed. We stayed up till midnight - barely keeping our eyes open - awaiting the singles chart details to come through in the hope that "Biology" had AT LEAST moved up one single spot since its debut last week.

And instead, it has dropped four, Westlife's single has sky-rocketed and their album is NUMBER FUCKING ONE.


Australia, congratualtions, it's official that 90% of you are all tone deaf.

Miserable day. What a miserable day.



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