Monday, January 30, 2006
"Biology" isn't fairing too badly on a couple of TV countdowns at the moment.

So far, over on Club [V] and Channel [V], the song has found itself in their text vote charts.

* MusixMax Countdown - "Biology" #9 on their request chart...

* Club [V] - "Biology" #11 on the Nightly Txt-27 Countdown...
* Channel [V] - "Biology" #48 on the Top 50 Most Requested Clips...

This is quite good, and proves that you're all either doing a brilliant job, or people that have never heard of the Girls are in love with the track. We're hoping it's a combination of both...

To vote for "Biology" in the Club [V] Txt-27, SMS the vote to 1 99 88 637. To request "Biology" on Channel [V] (and adding to its total request tally for a chart position), SMS your request to 1999 69 69. You can also phone Channel [V] on 1902 220 330, and vote through their website.

MusicMax TV requests can be made through their website also.

We'd urge you all to vote for the song on your fave radio station. Today alone, Nova100 in Melbourne and Nova919 in Adelaide have BOTH played "Biology" due to phone or SMS requests. Visit our comprehensive list of Radio & TV phone numbers & websites which you can use as a guide as to where to call/visit to make your request for "Biology".

xx Adem.





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