Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Oh dear.

We just got our SIXTEENTH email, sent from various concerned
Girls Aloud fans in Australia, announcing how heartbroken they all are that "Biology" only debuted at Number #26 this week.

While we're just as upset as yourselves, and even about as upset as the wondrous Mr. Fop is, let us take into consideration a few important things.

1. The Girls arrive in Australia on Friday. Which gave them ONE SINGLE DAY of promotion before the new singles week began on the Saturday.

2. So really, the girls didn't have an ample amount of time with their promotional work to have a serious impact on the charts, hence the #26.

3. Next week things should be much better, especially now that the single HAS indeed charted and radio are now more likely to play it often instead of being a bit frightened by its brilliance.

4. At least we are NOT like New Zealand when it comes to Girls Aloud, who DIDN'T EVEN CHART THE FUCKING THING THIS WEEK, THE DIRTY BASTARDS ONE ELEVEN.

5. For the sake of our sanity and well-being, we hope it DOES go up a little higher next week, ala
Sugababes "Push the Button", otherwise...

x 1,000.

If you haven't already purchased your Australian copy of "Biology" or the album "Chemistry", you can do so at any of the listed retail stores, or online at www.sanity.com.au (buy album and buy single) - Please refrain from shopping online at hmv.com.au as those sales do NOT contribute to the ARIA charts (but Sanity - both online and instore - now do!)





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